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Our Dome Homes are currently being manufactured in our Ahmedabad, India facilities.

Each Dome structure is made up of curved panels, some of which have opening for doors and windows.

The basic panel is triangular in shape but curved rectangular expansion panels are also available for virtually limitless size and configuration possibilities. A 330 sq. ft. dome weighs 500 kgs, i.e. each panel weighs approximately 50 - 55 kgs.

The major component panels are hand made of energy-efficient, corrosion free fiberglass sprayed onto a mold, this layer is followed by a 1" to 1 1/2" layer of high-density urethane foam for insulation and then a final layer of fiberglass is applied.

The basic configurations are, The 17' foot diameter dome to 40' foot diameter dome. The color of the outside of the dome is bonded into the surface during the molding process thus assuring durability and virtually no surface maintenance other than an occasional wash. On site the panels are bolted together and anchored to an ordinary foundation. The seams where the panels meet are protected with silicone sealant. It generally takes four people 12 hours to erect a 1,000 sq. ft. Dome and somewhat less time for the small structures. Interior walls and finishing take additional time, depending on the configuration.


  • Comprises curved panels
  • Basic panel is triangular
  • Some panels provide for doors and windows
  • Curved rectangular expansion panels allow virtually limitless size and configuration possibilities
  • Concrete foundation is poured on site provides anchoring surface for panels
  • Soil within foundation perimeter 8 sand scaffolding used to assist in dome erection
  • Conventional wood foundation also possible
  • Panels are bolted together and anchored to the foundation
  • Panel seams are protected by silicon sealant (manufacturer (GE) warranted 70 + year life apan)
  • Windows are doors are installed to complete the outside shell
  • Concrete floor provides environmental seal

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