We have great pleasure in introducing ourselves as manufacturer of Hydroponics Indoor Vertical Farming system in different capacities. This is made out of 100% FRP, which is first in India

The traditional techniques use too much energy and water and the output is too little. Hydroponics is a creative, home-built soil-less cultivation of grass-fodder, vegetables, pulses, paddy, fruits, herbs, etc. in highly oxygenated, nutrient enriched water.

Hydroponics is a technology for growing plants in nutrient solutions (water containing fertilizers). In combination with greenhouses, it is high technology and capital intensive. Nutrient rich waste from the fish tanks is used to irrigate and fertilize the hydroponically cultivated vegetables. In addition to the water, the plants need carbon dioxide, oxygen, nutrients and sunshine.

Hydroponics can be an ideal commercial business if managed correctly with right expectations. The investment return is also very encouraging. Duration of yield is also very short as compared to traditional cultivation.

Hydroponics makes use of crafty facilities, resource-efficient and cost-effective cultures and systems to allow effective use of land, nutrient, water and labour in a comfortable and sanitary working condition.

The prevailing irrigation facility in our country does not support the traditional, sustainable and lucrative agriculture in areas of drought and poverty. Hydroponics system of agriculture consumes 8 to 10% of water required for any other form of agriculture. Hydroponics also increases the yield drastically. For eg., 1% increase in yield correlates to 0.72% reduction in poverty.

Compared with conventional field agriculture, hydroponics is sustainable, efficient and requires: no pesticides, 20% of the land, 10% of the water, 25% of the nutrients and fertilizers, 50% of the growing time to produce healthier, more vigorous plants. In short, the Hydroponics is an attractive and simplified technology.

In soil, biological decomposition breaks down organic matter into the basic nutrient that plants feed on. Water dissolves these nutrients and allows the roots to absorb. For a plant to receive a well balanced diet, everything in the soil must be in perfect balance.

Vertical Farming presents a unique investment opportunity as it aims to revolutionize our understanding of food production and urban development.

The profitability of the Vertical Farm is highly dependent on generating immediate revenues from a reliable product. The production includes a wide variety of easy-to-grow greens.


  • Farming without agricultural land and manure.
  • Year-round crop.
  • No weather-related crop failures viz., droughts, floods, pests, etc.
  • Everything is grown organically and thus no herbicides, pesticides, etc. and there are health benefits.
  • It greatly reduces incidence of infectious diseases that are acquired at the agricultural interface.
  • Save energy and money for transportation from field.
  • No seasonal crop. All crops can be cultivated all the seasons.
  • Farming skyward would also free-up farmland for trees, which would help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Even vertical farms would grow food near where it would be eaten, thus cutting not only the cost but the transportation also.
  • Hydroponics farming is totally safe from animal disturbances, which is most important.

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